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Terminale połączeniowe firmy Delock
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Zaślepki komputerowe   Zaślepki pozornie to mało znaczący element...
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Legal Notice

Legal notice

1. Minipc.pl service automatically collects information contained in cookies.

2. Cookies are text files that are stored on the end user's site. They are intended to use the site. First and foremost, they contain the name of the website of your origin, your unique number, the storage time on the end device.

3. The minipc.pl operator is the entity that places the cookies on the user's terminal and has access to them.

4. The minipc.pl operator uses cookies to:

  • Customize the content of a web page to your individual preferences, and most of all, these files recognize your device so that, according to its preferences, it displays the page;
  • Produce statistics to help you understand your users' preferences and behaviors, analyze these statistics anonymously, and customize the content and appearance of your site to match your trends, and statistics are used to evaluate your site's popularity;
  • ability to log in to the site;
  • Maintaining user login on every page of the site.

5. minipc.pl service uses two basic types of files (cookies) - session and constant. Session files are temporary, they are stored until they exit the site (by entering another page, logging out or turning off the browser). Fixed files are stored in the user's terminal until they are deleted by the user or the time that they are set.
6. You may change your browser settings at any time to block cookies or to access information on your device at any time. You can check other options in your web browser settings. Please note that most browsers default to accepting cookies on the terminal.
7. The minipc.pl operator informs that changes to the settings in the user's web browser may restrict access to certain features of the website.
8. The files (cookies) used by minipc.pl (placed on the user's terminal) may be shared with its partners and the advertiser.
9. For information about web browser settings, refer to its help menu or the manufacturer's web site.
10. More information about cookies is available at page: wszystkoociasteczkach.pl.